Twenty Questions About Your Scoliosis

In the quest to learn more about my spinal condition, since my teens, I have been researching ways to manage scoliosis pain and looking for natural ways to cure a crooked spine. Despite my studying and efforts, I found that there was no cure, although there were still things I could do to manage my condition without the surgery or pain pills doctors originally told me were the only options.

I’m always inspired and curious to hear how other people with scoliosis are managing their spines, their pain, and their futures. I think I could learn more about myself if I know more about others, so, I have compiled a list of 20 questions that I would like to ask 20 people over the next 3 months. Fused or unfused, I want to hear about your health, your tips, and your challenges.

My 20 questions project is a positive way that I can also support others and create a safe space where people with scoliosis can openly talk about their spine and pain with somebody else who gets it.

To get the ball rolling I recorded myself answering the 20 questions so you also know what to expect and get to know about me too. Questions and answers are in the video above.

Please contact me at if you would like participate. I can’t wait to meet you!

Pam Dyer is a Holistic Health Coach who trains people with scoliosis and chronic illness how they can improve sleep, gut health, immunity, and brain function to live full and hurt less.  To book a consult with Pam please email:  

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