About Me


Holistic Health Coach–Fitness Trainer–Gardener–Kitchen Master

My long time passion: Health and Fitness. I’ve been a personal trainer for 20+ years working for myself and teaching in fitness clubs. My early passion for fitness to take care of my scoliosis eventually developed into a life long passion for pursuing wellness.

My health coaching specialty: I help women with chronic health ailments find easy and beneficial ways to create their own self-care, reduce inflammation, overcome sugar cravings, reduce stress, and love more so they can experience the more energy and  greater joy in life.

My Morning habits: I naturally seem to wake up around 5am most mornings. I like to watch the sun come up with a hot cup of teas, and do one self-care activity for myself like meditating, exercise, or sauna.

My Ideal Bedtime: 9:30pm. I love bed and know that I function better if I’m in bed earlier than later. I like to say that I party in my day and sleep all night.

Favorite type of exercise: Dancing, body-only workouts, and anything done outdoors.

My go-to comfort meal: Chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans or peas, and a dill pickle.

Favorite childhood food: Hot oatmeal with brown sugar and vanilla ice cream or grandma’s turkey dinner.

What I do to feel at peace: Dance, meditate, write, spend time in nature, and share laughs with friends.

Wildest dream: To somehow massively improve the quality of food that the children of this country are given at home/school and support their parents and food providers to also have the same.

Health concerns I’ve managed holistically: Scoliosis, chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines, food sensitivities, digestive issues, depression, and anxiety.

Biggest challenge: Cultivating positivity while managing chronic pain.

Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere with beaches and/or trees.

Favorite health tip: Breathe.

Favorite quote: Rules are for tools.