How To Change The Health Of A Nation

Hi. Welcome to my latest blog, Butterfly Sessions. This place is a continuation of my big dream to help others feel better now and also help the next generation grow up feeling healthy and having ample access to less processed food than what is currently available for many in the current standard food system.

My vision starts by helping people who provide food to children to know more about  and have access to healthier food. It continues with sharing how to create easy access to food by growing it yourself. It is complete when the masses change the current food system with their almighty dollar and demand healthier choices.

Why is this my dream? The answer, you see, is because I grew up as a sickly child. I repeatedly had earaches, tonsil infections, bronchitis, and then grew into migraines and scoliosis. To their credit, my parents fed me well. The majority of the meals in our house  were made from scratch, grown in our garden, and cooking was a normal part of daily life. I was exposed to a lot of varieties of vegetables and foods and I could not only see how they were raised but butchered, harvested, and prepared.

Fast forward a bunch of years and I found myself as an immigrant in the USA trying to understand why the food down here has so many additives and chemicals. I’m stunned to discover that I am sensitive to many of the processed foods that most people here eat as their regular food. I still have chronic health conditions and focusing on food makes a major difference in the quality of my life.

I’m also still a personal trainer after 20 years and know all to well the struggles of managing a healthy body while dealing with ailments that will never go away. I’ve learned first hand and seen through the experiences of clients that living healthy is about making sure your soul is being filled with as many good things as your plate.


So what is it that you want or need to change to feel better? Do you need to remember to drink more water? Do you need to move more than you are? Do you need to go to the beach and relax? Do you need access to fresher food and know what to look for at the grocery store?

I want that for you too. I believe big change starts with little actions. So, how can I help you? If you are looking for help finding more energy, a better night’s sleep, the ability to feel more joy, and real food choices without going on a diet give me a shout. I’ve helped hundreds of people maneuver their way to feeling great.

If you’ve read this far I say, Come with me! Let’s learn about food together and how we can create positive change in our own health and that of our nation. Sign up for my blog and never miss a beat.


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