What Happened When I Ate Raw Cannabis For Two Weeks

Eating raw cannabis had been a dream of mine ever since I was enrolled in nutrition school and heard David Wolfe, a raw food expert, speak about the advantages of eating a raw food diet.

During his presentation he briefly mentioned how cannabis was one of the most superior plants for nutrition on the planet and described with passion and delight how amazing it is to eat. I immediately wanted to be eating leaves on my salad but it took some time before I could find access to raw cannabis. It’s not like you can buy it with the kale at a grocery store.

IMG_0597I was told that for the first few days of me taking the raw juice that I might feel kind of gross as it has a detoxifying effect on the body. That is exactly what happened. I had a headache for 5 days and my digestive system got worked over. I felt like crud. Towards the end of the first week, though, everything started feeling better.

I noticed that my back pain in the morning wasn’t as bad and getting dressed was not quite as difficult. I would say that my overall pain dropped by 1/3! I felt more motivated to exercise and my energy increased. My mood seemed to be set on a steady “happy” into week two.

The other thing that I noticed is that my tolerance for other cannabis medicine went way down. My overall use dropped in half not because I was trying to use less, I just didn’t seem to need as much. That is a totally new experience and it felt great.

During those two weeks I took about 1 ounce of raw juice (flowers+leaves) and 7-10 leaves per day.

To eat the leaves, I chopped them up and mixed them in with my salads or blended them in smoothies. They blended nicely with other raw herbs and vegetables.

Adding raw cannabis to my diet felt like I upgraded my entire nutrition regime. I felt healthy, clear, and energized.

IMG_0608My initial goal was to try it for two weeks and five years later I am still learning more about using cannabis everyday. Eating it raw changed the way I look at my medicine and how I can get the most from this amazing plant.

Just when I thought marijuana couldn’t get any better it goes and does this to me. Thanks Mary Jane.

Until next time…Eat your greens.

Pam Dyer is a Holistic Health Coach who trains people with scoliosis and chronic illness how they can improve sleep, gut health, immunity, and brain function to live full and hurt less.  To book a consult with Pam please email:  butterflysessions@gmail.com  

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